Animated Physics - Photons

1. Photon Emission - An electron falls into the -10.2 evolt energy level of a proton and emits a 121.6 nanometer circular polarized photon
(a) 17.5 femtometer viewing width (10^-15)(b) 1.7 nanometer viewing width (10^-9)(c) 2.0 micrometer viewing width (10^-6)
2. Polarization - Photon polarization examples (rotated views) and their relationship to the electron
(a) Photon/Electron comparison(b) Circular polarization(c) Linear polarization
3. Wave properties - Examples of the wave properties of light including resonation in a cavity
(a) 5 photons from 121nm to 1976nm(b) Groups of HeNe laser (630nm) photons(c) Refraction and reflection